A Craftsman with the very contemporary blow.
Graduated in industrial design, Vincent Breed discovers glass blowing at the High School of Decorative Arts of Strasbourg, in 1992. A trade-guild near well known glass Masters leads him to start his own workshop in Lyon, in 1999.
He is made known by his creations in the universe of the tableware, in a pure, ludic and coloured esthetic.
Vincent Breed develops an always poetic universe in the field of custom designed luminary. He starts to approach it in spectacular dimensions, and makes the glass dancing.
Concentrated on contemporary creations, the sculptural work of Vincent is monumental, daring, sweet and sensual. These sculptures play with the light of space surrounding and disorder the perception of the spectator. The human dimensions push back the limits of blown glass.

Vincent Breed collaborates with architects, designers and artists, for whom he makes prototypes and small series.
Jean Nouvel, Matali Crasset, Noe Duchauffour-Lawrence, Hilton Mc Connico, Tony Chi and other artists called upon his services.
Vincent Breed represents French Art and Craft at the World Craft Council - Europe.

Rewards :
– "congratulations" from the Challenge-Young persons jury, in 1999. By the Ministry for Youth and Sports.
– Prize winner of the "Young creator" contest, by the French Federation of Art & Craft, in 2002.
– Prize winner of the "Lyon’s claw" decreed by the mayor of Lyon, in 2003.
– Price winner of Contemporary Art work by SEMA, in 2007.